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"World Interfaith Harmony Week celebrates the principles of tolerance and respect for the other that are deeply rooted in the world’s major religions. The observance is also a summons to solidarity in the face of those who spread misunderstanding and mistrust."
— Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

How are you supporting the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week? Hundreds of people have sent in their Letters of Support for interfaith harmony. Help bring about interfaith harmony by taking these three simple and easy steps to show your support. It will only take five minutes to complete.

With your help we are continuing to promote harmony around the world.

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Step 2: Ask Others to Support

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Read Letters of Support

Step #1: Send Words of Support

The first step is to simply send a brief letter of support. We want to send a clear message that the overwhelming number of people from all faith traditions greatly support the call to harmony.

Submit your letter of support!


Step #2: Urge Others to Do the Same

After you have submitted your letter of support, please forward this message to others so that we can reach as many people as possible with this vital message.

It's just that simple!


Please send your letter if you are a:

  1. Religious leader
  2. Scholar
  3. Media personality
  4. Political leader
  5. Organizer/activist
  6. Business leader
  7. Supporter of harmony

Step #3: Join Us on the Web

To make it easy to keep up with what's going on with the World Interfaith Harmony Week and connect with others throughout the world, we have a Facebook page where you can join the conversation.

Join us on Facebook!

World Interfaith Harmony Week on Facebook

What's Next?

Organizers all over the world are beginning to plan events for the World Interfaith Harmony Week. We invite you to register your interfaith event with us and let the world know about it.

Register your event now!

Thanks for your time and support.


Read Some Letters of Support


“As a Presbyterian, ecumenical Christian, and scholar of Islam travelling widely in the Muslim world, I am deeply happy to support the UN Resolution in response to King Abdullah’s proposal, as delivered and illuminated by Prince Ghazi.”
— Theodore Friend


“Ministers, Imams, Rabbis and other preachers and religious leaders often have little time to deliver vital messages to their congregations, and this is why devoting one week a year to interfaith harmony is practical and powerful. When one preacher’s message is echoed around the world, it has great resonance and power. With one sermon or lecture a year, together we can set a new standard for religious leadership and harmony.”
— Dr Ingrid Mattson, Hartford Seminary


“As we approach the season of Peace and Goodwill let sus shoe a little more Love and respect for as much people as we can. My experience of God is ’To love my neighbour as myself’ I dont propose for one minute that it is easy but it is attainable with more patience and tolerance. ”
— Veronica E. Barnes, Blue Mountain Women’s Group


“It was so wonderful to see this fine initiative succeed!! We, at the Interfaith Encounter Association, are working on an on-going basis to build interfaith harmony in the Holy Land (see attached data sheet) and will be happy and honored to take part in the Interfaith Harmony Week!!”
— Dr Yehuda Stolov, Interfaith Encounter Association


“As an Episcopal priest who has spent his entire life studying and living in the Muslim world, I support this welcome initiative to bring minds and hearts, prayerful and hopeful people from all corners of the Abrahamic tent, to focus on the need for vigilance, engagement and trust in the pursuit of a world transformed by the higher calling of Divine Truth. In the words of the Noble Book, "What is the reward for pursuit of the Good and the Beautiful but (further) pursuit of the Good and the Beautiful?" Surat ar-Rahman(Q 55: 60)”
— The Reverend Dr Bruce B Lawrence, Duke University


“The Surrey Interfaith Council is excited and proud to participate again in the United Nations World Interfaith and Harmony Week. As a local group of diverse religions and worldviews in western Canada, we see this annual and global celebration of harmony as emblematic of a deep desire for peace, love, and justice, a desire which we endeavor to foster here in Surrey and which we are hopeful can take root in the hearts and minds of people across the globe.”
— Ethan Vanderleek, Multi-Faith Centre, Kwantlen Polytechnic University



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